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Summer Opera Series



Il Trovatore
Sunday, May 15th at 1pm
Salzburg Festival

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Spain is torn apart by civil war. The commander of the Royalist Aragon troops, Count di Luna, is obsessed with Leonora, a young noblewoman in the queen’s service, who does not return his love.

Outside the royal residence his soldiers keep watch at night. An unknown troubadour has been heard serenading Leonora and the jealous count is determined to capture and punish him.

To keep his troops awake, the captain, Ferrando, recounts the terrible story of a Gypsy woman who was burned at the stake years ago for bewitching the count’s infant brother. The Gypsy’s daughter then took revenge by kidnapping the boy and—so the story goes—throwing him into the flames where her mother had died. The charred skeleton of a baby was discovered there and di Luna’s father died of grief soon after.

No trace was ever found of the Gypsy’s daughter, but di Luna, always hoping that the remains might not have been his brother’s, has sworn to find her.

Full Synopsis can be found here

Sunday, June 19th at 1pm
 Bregenz Festival

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No man shall ever possess her –
the Chinese princess Turandotsets three riddles for every man that comes to woo her.

So far none have been able to solve the riddles, and have paid with their heads.
Then an unknown prince achieves the impossible: he correctly answers all three questions. But Turandot is still unwilling to surrender to him.

So the Prince is ready to lay down his life if she can find out his name by morning.Throughout the night, no one may sleep: everyone must try to discover his name...

Full Synopsis can be found here

Sunday, July 17th at 1pm
National de Paris

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During a party at the Duke’s palace in Mantua, the Duke brags of his romantic conquests. He surveys his court to choose a woman with whom to pass the night and selects the Countess Ceprano.

Rigoletto, the hunchbacked court jester, mocks her cuckolded husband. Marullo reveals that Rigoletto has a secret lover whom he goes to see each night. Together with the Count of Ceprano, they decide to kidnap the woman. The Count of Monterone enters, demanding justice for the honor of his daughter, who was seduced by the Duke.

Rigoletto insults him, and Monterone curses the Duke and Rigoletto. Rigoletto is very troubled by the curse, and fears for the safety of his daughter, whom he has kept carefully hidden from the courtiers.

Full Synopsis can be found here


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